Caramel Nut Corn - In Bags, Gift Tins, or our very own Sheets 'O Corn

THE ORIGINAL CARAMEL NUT CORN - By tin or by sheet - Made daily by hand in copper kettles (as we have done for the last 70 years).   We captured the world's fluffiest and tenderest popcorn - studded it with Pecans, California Almonds, Cashews - coated it with buttery, crunchy Caramel - and pronounced a magic word over it - delectable!   There is simply none better or richer.   We also have other varieties available.   Our Original Caramel Nut Corn (along with our Original Caramel Corn) was developed over 70 years ago and we are still using the same great recipe.   Made in single batches, cooked in copper kettles and packaged by hand.